A Piece of Heaven

Psychodramatists Meet

Dorothea Ensel and Gabriele Stiegler talk with Psychodramatists

In the history of psychodrama in Germany women played a significant role. They brought psychodrama from the United States to Germany. They founded the first psychodrama institutes. They draw up guidelines on further education. They provided for the recognition and dissemination of the method. In very personal interviews, this book provides an insight into the lives of these women who shaped and still shape psychodrama in Germany.

It's a love letter to the method psychodrama, its creativity, its power and its significance.

Der Zauberladen „The Magic Shop“

by Gabriele Stiegler in:

  • Creative methods in personnel and organizational development
  • Anton Hahne (Publisher)
  • Management Concepts, Vol. 29
  • Der Zauberladen „The Magic Shop“
  • by Gabriele Stiegler
  • Page 141 onwards